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Recent Grants and Fellowships

Lee, B.R. How spatial and temporal variation in environment and soil fungal diversity shapes plant phenotypes. NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology Award #2108128 ($138,000).

Lee, B.R. Spring light availability effects on understory tree recruitment and spatial distributions. Morton Arboretum Center for Tree Science Research Fellowship ($7,500)

Lee, B.R. Phenological mismatch of dioecious North American plant species and their pollinators. University of Tennessee - Knoxville Herbarium, Hesler Visiting Scholar Fellowship ($2,000)

Draft Grant Proposals/Outlines

Draft proposal for Korean plasticity vs. local adaptation phenology project (research statement section 3) written for a postdoctoral fellowship in the UK that I applied to earlier this year. I am currently in the process of expanding it into a full NSF-DEB proposal.

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